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Color Glass Beads
Model Number:C100
Place of Origin:China
Keywords:Color Glass beads
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Product Details

Color glass beads

Popular used for terrazzo and exposed concrete coating,swimming pool industry, flooring decoration and natural stone building and enchase on the appearance of outside wall and inside wall Mixing with the cement, then putting them in the exterior walls. It will be dazzling and resplendent when the sunlight or lamplight is shining on it.

As a new kind of building material for deluxe photo etch decoration. Color glass bead has the following advance:

1) Beautiful: varied kinds of pattern, novel color, you can choose one or many kinds of colors.

2) Protecting environment: Non poison, Non smell, Non pollution, Non cauterization, Safe.

3) heat insulation: It can absorbs the energy from sun and reflect them into the sky, which can fall down the temperature in the room.

4) PermanentNon fade, Non aging, Non servicing, Clean, Brightness,Luxury and Beauty.

Size range:

1-3mm,2-4mm,3-5mm,6-9mm,9-12mm ,12-20mm.20-50mm(size,can be made as required)

Color :

clear, dark blue, light blue, aqua blue, light green, dark green, black, white, golden yellow , yellow, purple, red, orange, pink, jade ,and so on. (color can be ajusted as required)