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Road marking glass beads
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Product Details

Shanghai Biyu New Mstar Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of glass beads for road marking. We currently sell into several markets including Russia, CIS, Europe and North America.

We currently munufacture the following specs of glass beads:

Product Standards

GB/T 24722-2009 NO.1,2,3

KSL 2521 NO.1 and 2 and 3

BS 6088 ClassA and ClassB

AASHTO M247 type 1 and type 2

EN 1423 and EN 1424


Brizal Standard

TT-B-1325 Standard

JIS R3301

Austrilian Standard A,B,C,D

Popular Granulometry
Range of glass beads diameter

63 -1100 (microns)
63 -212 (microns)
400-850 (microns)
100-600 (microns)
180-850 (microns)
125-710 (microns)

Chemical composition, %

Silicon oxide - 72,1
Calcium oxide - 6,0
Sodium oxide - 15,0
Aluminum oxide - 2,2
Ferric oxide - 0,2
Magnesium oxide - 4,0
Sulfur oxide - 0,5

Refractive index


Resistance to water, hydrochloric acid, calcium chloride, sodium sulfide


Surface treatment of glass beads

Waterproof coated (Silicon)
Adhesion coated (Silan )
Blend waterproof and Adhesion coating


Paper bags/plastic woven 25kg
Big-bags 500 kg and 1000 kg.